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Seven at the Studio


Debut CD: The Kit!

dezcvrart.sq  Dez McKinzie. Originally a NYC native from Harlem, Dez has transplanted himself here in Schenectady. You've seen him at the local Price Chopper or corner store, buying a soda, some milk and baby wipes. Up until the start of the New Year, (2013), Dez was employed as a subcontractor to the great State of New York. But,as you know, the economy has not been kind. Now, while unemployed and juggling his family responsibilities, Dez writes songs. Yes. He's good. And scheduled for a mid-May release is Dez's debut CD called “The Kit”. This CD is notable for many reasons. The genre is Hip/Hop, (decidedly mature, adult Hip Hop). There's definitely something here for everybody. For anyone who can appreciate their mother, there a song called “THANK YOU!”. And if you have children and you can still remember when they brought you joy, there's a song for that called “GIA”.

On Dez's CD, The Kit, he shares his Joys and Successes, Frustrations at our shared economic situation, the reality and frankness of desire, and the pride of doing something well. Thank you, Dez McKinzie! There's something here for everyone!


A Damn Story

IMG 20120824 201647 1 320x240Have you ever met someone who you can believe in? A person who is talented, gifted, blessed?  A person who seems to have all of the right moves?
I have.  Only one problem.  Diagnosis:  Bad-luck-itis has a hold on him.  Yeah.  I said it.  Bad-luck-itis.
I've known him for a couple of years.  He's shared with me a lot of damn stories.  Damn stories.  You know, the kind of story that after you hear it and it sinks in... you go: Damn! Yeah.  Those kinds of stories.
Got a minute?  Okay, okay.  Got a few minutes?

Let me start off with this.  I need your help.  YOU.  Yes.  You.  No, seriously.  I do.  At the end of this story, you'll see why.  No, no, you don't need to mortgage the house.  No, the car note is not in danger either.  Hear me out.  I have a.... story for you. No... not a Damn story.  Well, um.. er... maybe.

Meet Dez. (  Dez is a friend of mine.  (Hey! Don't laugh! I have friends!)  In late June or early July he let me listen to music that he had created years ago.  In Kevin's backyard, where the acoustics get better and better with every empty beer bottle (funny that!).


Welcome to Fresh Pack Records

Fresh Pack final-03


Fresh Pack Records was born in October of 2012. We are Hip/Hop. We are Rap. We are R&B. Our objective is to be the vehicle by which many artists choose to publish their debut albums. What happens after that? Well, that will be history! Of course, we have to start at one. And who will that 'One' be? At the time of our forming we actually had three to pick from. Lucky us!

The three. There was brother Dez. Big heart, low-keyed, humble, understated in all things. Always thinking – about the next big thing. Lover of R&B, with more than a healthy dose of Hip Hop & Rap in his soul.


Music, Fresh Pack Records' style