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Fresh Pack Records was born in October of 2012. We are Hip/Hop. We are Rap. We are R&B. Our objective is to be the vehicle by which many artists choose to publish their debut albums. What happens after that? Well, that will be history! Of course, we have to start at one. And who will that 'One' be? At the time of our forming we actually had three to pick from. Lucky us!

The three. There was brother Dez. Big heart, low-keyed, humble, understated in all things. Always thinking – about the next big thing. Lover of R&B, with more than a healthy dose of Hip Hop & Rap in his soul.

Whip-Appeal was always there. He'd slide in and then fadeout like the phases of the moon. Don't go looking for him, 'cause he couldn't be found. But then he'd just show up... and if he was smiling, then you know something good was about to happen. Whip-Appeal is R&B, through and through, but give him an artist and he could mimic them throwing in an improvement. When Dez finally got his direction, we put Whip-Appeal in his path. We had to do this a couple of times before Dez came to understand that his idea was to have Whip-Appeal take part in this new adventure. Great idea, Dez!

Working at Albany's Empire State Plaza, Dez met Cory and raved constantly about his rapping skills. When it came time for Cory to demonstrate those skills, he brought along his friend, Tommy. Cory wasn't the only one with skills. Tommy was a force to be reckoned with. With Cory, Tommy formed the rap duo BIZZNESS! This completes the three.
As of February 2013 we have become four with the addition of the Rap group SEVEN. Their debut EP, titled “Throw Back”, is to be released later on this month.

We are Fresh Pack Records. Where good music is not GOOD enough. We want GREAT!

Yes, we set the bar very high and all of our artists know it. Sure, we could imitate the level of the current popular sounds that hurt our ears and numb our minds daily. But we'd like to turn the clock back a bit, back to an era when music was fun and as it turned out, had a lesson with it too. We're not always going to hit that mark, but at least we have a target for which to aim.

At some point we will come to the conclusion that what we are really looking for is GREAT people. People with talent and a story to tell. People with the passion and the drive to see it through. People like you. The music is actually secondary. (After all, even crappy music sells! The record companies know this and should be beating down your door instead of the other way around.)

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